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Mumbai is the old name of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra State, India. Many people still refer to the old name out of habit. It is a big city with a big population of 13 million

Mumbai is India's monetary and money-making capital. It is a metropolitan town of entrepreneurs, business houses, nightlife and the famous game in India that is cricket. It is also home to India's extremely well-liked Hindi film industry. Mumbai catch the attention of public from all around the country as it provides enormous openings and avenues for business and work.

An inexpensive flight to Mumbai will take tourists to a location of India's west coast. The city has a normal harbor which is a little bit deep. This is beneficial for the Mumbai city that takes good care of almost half the number of passenger traffics around India together with most Indian cargo.

It would also bring the tourists to the center of the profitable and amusement areas so that they will be able to get a sight of both sides while going around the city.

Furthermore, Mumbai is also the commercial center so that the main financial institutions such as the India's Reserve Bank and the Mumbai Stock exchange are seen here. Guests interested in the commercial travels of India would have fun with their moment in Mumbai, for the reason that an inexpensive flight is right where the deed is and right in the hub of the business region of the city.

Nevertheless, commerce in Mumbai is not the only thing an inexpensive flight can offer. It is also the entertainment hub of India. This involves the film and television's Hindi industry. This is usually named Bollywood. History scholars and film buffs will also enjoy taking an inexpensive flight to Mumbai and going to this path for the fact that Mumbai is the origin of the whole Indian cinema concept.

It is best to avoid the rainy months of June to September. The town, during monsoons seems to be a brimming pothole. The finest time to vacation Mumbai is between October and April. So you could manage a comfortable trip to the beautiful land by taking any of the numerous flights to Mumbai that moves all year long. So catch hold of the cheapest tickets to Mumbai, and go there to rejoice the colours, essence and quality of a destination so exceptional and lively.

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